bar time

been watching her
for an hour
other end of the bar
stripper tits
blouse tied underneath
i caught her looking
bedroom eye lashes
like pulling down
the shades

new guy walks in
buys her a drink
sits down
i moved closer
she lit a cigarette
told the new guy
through a cloud of smoke
that the lousy
sonofabitch she had last
night couldn’t keep up
she wanted a man
to go all night
who wasn’t afraid to give
a woman what she wants
holding a full beer
he looked over at me
i shrugged
looked at the clock
it was still early
and i was closest
to the door…

7 Responses to bar time

  1. Julie says:

    Ha! Ha! I love a poem that makes me laugh. Good one, Scot.

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  3. dana says:

    This is goooood. I want to go to strip clubs. Now I have a reason — fodder for poems.

    No. I am not kidding. I’m so there. This will give me something to do tomorrow.

  4. maurie says:

    Gosh, what a poem , makes you want hit the clubs and bars bigtime / wow.**

  5. Pris says:

    I love it!! And yes, perfect ending!:-)

  6. johemmant says:

    This made me laugh, a lot.

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